Comfort can help you carry your style throughout the day. Doctors too advise not to wear heels over 2 inches, as that can affect our body. Good news !! Heels have come a long way since it represented royalty  and rightly so  things have now changed a lot.


Monday to Thursday are the days when your office clothes need to be formal and so has to be the shoes too. Formal means “closed toe shoes” and closed toe shoes with low heels or kitten heels and ankle strap can well support your feet and will give a great look at the same time. Now-a-days beautiful pumps with pointed toes are in vogue. Slingbacks, wedges, pumps in low heels  are a definite collection for comfortable formals. 


Coming to Fridays, casuals are the best option to explore your denims and that trendy-yet-not-so-formal outfit   Fridays are those glorious days for flats and strappy shoes. You can pair up your outfit with open toe shoes, sandals, or even slip ons are a better option as they allow your feet to breathe properly.